Trend combination of soccer and golf

Soccer golf at Lake Waginger See

Let’s go to soccer golf! Get involved in an exciting match with your friends or family. Soccer golf combines soccer and golf. You run through several exciting obstacle courses and try to play the ball over hills, trees, ditches or other obstacles with your foot to the hole in the ground. The beauty here is the direct embedding in nature and the beautiful view of Lake Waginger See. Whoever has used the fewest shots at the end is the winner.

The new trend sport is not just fun for footballers, but for everyone from young to old. After a short briefing, it’s straight onto the course! Look forward to skill training in the middle of the countryside and lots of fun with your loved ones.

Playing soccer golf – very uncomplicated

What do I wear for soccer golf?

As soccer golf can be played in any weather, sports or leisure clothing is ideal. If the weather is unstable, simply bring your rain jacket. The game is played with sports shoes, multi-socks (similar to artificial turf) or barefoot. Soled or studded shoes are prohibited on the course.

How long does a round take?

Depending on the skill and number of players, a round of soccer golf lasts between 1 and 1.5 hours.

Do I have to take a soccer ball with me?

The Soccerpark has a large selection of footballs, which are provided free of charge. Of course, you can also bring your own favorite ball.

Prices for soccer golf

Soccer golfChildren ** (6-15 years)Adults (aged 16 and over)
1 round (18 holes)7,00 €10,00 €
Day ticket10,00 €16,00 €
10 card (personal)50,00 €80,00 €
Family ticket (2 adults / 2 children)28,00 € (+5,00 €)*

* Price for each additional child
** and disabled persons on presentation of a valid ID card
Instruction in the rules of football golf, a scorecard and a ball to borrow are included. The prices apply to children aged 6-15 and adults aged 16 and over. Children under the age of 6 as well as accompanying persons and spectators are admitted free of charge. Particularly ambitious players can also play with a professional soccer ball for a rental fee of € 3.00 (plus deposit – ID card or driver’s license).