With four-legged friends at Lake Waginger See

Camping vacation with a dog

Camping, dog bathing beach, dog shower

Dogs are very welcome at Strand Camping Waging am See. We have an agility course with various courses where you can let off steam with your four-legged friend. The dog meadow offers space for fun and relaxation in and around the water. It is only intended for camping guests.
You will find three “Pico Bello” luxury dog showers in our sanitary facilities.

Vacation apartment for guests with dogs

We offer three special vacation apartments for guests with dogs. All other apartments are specially equipped for allergy sufferers and therefore cannot be allocated to guests with dogs. The small apartment 2 and the two large apartments 4 and 6 are intended for dog owners (can also be rented by non-dog owners). The three apartments share a separate communal terrace on the north side of the vacation complex. Each of the three apartments has drinking and feeding bowls. Dog beds are available for hire.


  • Maximum number per dog rental property is two dogs
  • Please do not let your dogs sleep on the sofas or beds
  • An additional cleaning fee of €100 will be charged for gross soiling or damage caused by the dog
  • Do not leave your dog unattended in the home

Notes and rules at the campsite

Out of consideration for guests who do not feel comfortable with dogs, we ask you to adhere to the following “camping rules”:

  • Leashes are compulsory on the camping site.
  • Dogs are not allowed in the public bathing park at the Strandkurhaus. You are welcome to make use of our separate dog area.
  • We ask our dog owners to be considerate of each other on the campsite’s own dog-playing field. Leashes are not compulsory.
  • The green area from the surf school to Adam-Straße am See is not a dog beach.
  • You will find dog bag dispensers throughout the campsite. Please take advantage of this offer and dispose of the used dog bags accordingly.
  • Please also use dog bags outside the campsite and dispose of them, as the fields in our region are agricultural land.
  • Please ensure that your dog does not run across other people’s pitches and/or does its business there.
  • For reasons of hygiene, please only allow your dog to do its business on footpaths outside the campsite.
  • Dogs are not permitted in the sanitary building.
  • Owners are liable for their dogs.

Important when using the agility course

  • Access for camping guests only
  • Use the dog bag dispensers and dispose of the used bags.
  • The agility equipment is not a playground for children.
  • Bicycles must be parked outside the agility course at the bicycle racks at the entrance gate.
  • For the sake of the dogs, please do not leave any garbage lying around.
  • If you bring toys for your dog, please note that there may be disputes with other dogs. Of course, this also applies to treats.
  • Please do not enter the dog area with dogs that cannot be leashed. Dogs on a lead do not have the opportunity to defend themselves against dogs running loose.