Camping at Lake Waginger See

Where history meets modern camping

Welcome to Strand Camping Waging am See.

Your relaxing vacation at Strand Camping Waging am See

Our main goal is to provide you with a wonderful and relaxing vacation with unforgettable experiences.

We are a unique campsite that combines the idyllic surroundings of Lake Waginger See with modern comfort and a warm community. With our diverse range of accommodation, from lakeside campsites and comfortable vacation apartments to innovative and cozy wood lodges and sleeping barrels, we create an individual vacation experience for every visitor.

Our guests of all ages enjoy a variety of activities, water sports, culinary delights, cultural events and unforgettable moments in a family atmosphere.

Strand Camping Waging is more than just a campsite – it is a place for small family adventures, for nature experiences and relaxing days far away from your everyday life.

Welcome to Strand Camping Waging am See!

The campsite in Waging has been around for over 50 years

The first Scharnow train rolls in – the start of tourism in Waging

The history of Strand Camping Waging am See began in 1951, when the enthusiastic travel agency owner Wilhelm Scharnow from Bremen became aware of our beautiful place. Thanks to the help of Mayor Schuhbeck and Mr. Hafenmair, comfortable accommodation was created. When the first Scharnow train rolled in, the local landlords picked up their summer guests from the station with hand and bridge carts.

Exchange of land for the construction of the beach spa house

Mr. Schubeck initiated the exchange of plots of land and ultimately achieved a ten-hectare plot directly on the lake for the Standkurhaus and a bathing beach with a park. In 1953, the Strandkurhaus was built, accompanied by the first sanitary building with sewage system. This year, Waging am See received the official title of “resort”. Since then, the small market in the south of Bavaria has developed into a popular destination for camping enthusiasts.

Today, the site covers 36 hectares and has been awarded the ADAC Innovation Prize and the DCC Europe Prize, for example.

Our warm and dedicated employees ensure the well-being of our guests every day.

Camping at Lake Waginger See

We are happy to give you an overview of our campsite, rental accommodation, culinary delights, activities at the campsite and the Waginger See region.