Our recommendations – from fishing to setting up the maypole

Insider tips for your vacation
at Lake Waginger See

Fishing, SUP, boating, soccer golf, maypole raising, guided tours of the village, brewery tours, … the Waginger See region has so much to offer. And as locals, we want our guests to be able to relax here, understand and experience for themselves what we love so much about our homeland. We have summarized our favourite activities in our home region for you.
The most important things you must not miss under any circumstances.


#1 Fishing for pike on the reed belt

When the lake is still absolutely still early in the morning, the real fishing fans are drawn to the lake. The Waginger See is home to peaceful fish such as roach, rudd, carp, tench, bream and aitel as well as predatory fish such as zander, eel, pike and catfish. The pike reach an average length of 70 centimeters – particularly large ones even grow to 1.30 meters.

Guests can hire a boat, get a fishing license and the right equipment is also available at Waginger See.

#2 With the SUP into the sunrise

Many locals like to jump into the lake before work for a quick swim or to cover a few kilometers on a SUP. Then you have already done something for your fitness in the morning and start the day full of energy.

You can also and enjoy the peace and quiet on the lake and ride into the picturesque sunrise.


#3 Playing soccer golf

Soccer golf is a strategy game that is a lot of fun. An obstacle course with pipes, transverse tree trunks, cones, bends and sand bunkers provide a variety of soccer fun. Beppo Benkert and Dieter Eckstein train the young and old footballers here.

For families on vacation at the beach campsite right next door, the soccer park in Waging is ideal for competing in private tournaments. Even the odd local likes to be challenged from time to time.

#4 Experience tradition by putting up the maypole

If you are on vacation at the Waginger See in May, you can experience and celebrate one of the most beautiful Bavarian traditions live. On May 1st, many communities erect a tree up to 30 meters high, decorated with carved wooden figures. There is also music, food and drink. The municipalities are completely free to decorate the trees as they wish. Some are blue and white, others have lovely carvings in the bark. A wreath of maypole tops is always enthroned at the very top. Both locals and guests are invited to celebrate together at the festival.


#5 Yoga by the lake

Around the Waginger See you will find various offers for yoga right by the water.

For example, Tamara Hofmann-Perschl organizes yoga circles every Thursday between June and September directly at our lido.
Everyone is welcome here – beginners and advanced, locals and guests of all ages come together to open their hearts and find their body center.

#6 Brewery tour in the Schönram brewery

The Schönram country brewery offers exciting brewery tours. A guided tour lasts about 90 minutes. The price includes a welcome beer, a tour of the brewery and an insight into the brewing process, including raw materials. As a highlight at the end, the participants will be able to draw their own beer from the lager tank.

In the rustic Bräustüberl next door, you can sample all the brewery’s beers. And there is also a typical Bavarian meal.


#7 Meggenthal forest adventure trail

Go on an exciting forest adventure trail with your family. With only a slight incline of around 30 m and a duration of around 45 minutes, the hike is very family-friendly.
The different functions of the forest are explained in an easy-to-understand way at the stations and you can enjoy the snacks you have brought with you in the huts.
The hike starts at the parking lot at the church in Meggenthal.

#8 Guided tour of Waging

Local guide Martin Mangs takes you on an exciting journey through time through Waging, or “Uuaginga” as the Bavarians used to call it.

It tells of rascally pranks and youthful tests of courage, the atmosphere in old brewery cellars, Mozart’s short stay on his trip to Paris, a sensational trial of cheese pioneer Basil Weixler and the escapades of a famous master chef.

The tour takes place every Monday from June to mid-September. Finally, Yvonne Liebl presents snacks with regional specialties for tasting in the Kurpark.


#9 Tittmoning Castle & Tannery Museum

Tittmoning Castle, once the summer residence of the Salzburg bishops, tells a fascinating story. Situated on a hill above the town, it was built in 1234 as protection against possible attacks. Today, the castle is home to the “Museum Rupertiwinkel”, which provides an insight into the region’s eventful past.

A special highlight is the Tannery Museum, which vividly presents the tradition of tanning in Tittmoning. Let yourself be inspired by the history of the castle and the craftsmanship of leather production.

#10 Walking with goats

Experience a special family outing in Chiemgau with Maria Frisch. Fun races with horned goats turn a walk through the woods and meadows in Wonneberg into a fun adventure. Child-friendly goats such as “Lieserl” and “Anna” provide capers and fun.

Hiking with goats is a special nature experience. Maria Frisch provides insights into her goat breeding and the production of delicious goat’s milk products. After a lively hike, a Bavarian snack with cream cheese specialties awaits you while the little kids keep you entertained.