Beach Camping Hoibe – Schönramer Hell

Schönramer Hell is the main variety brewed by Landbrauerei Schönram and one of the most popular beers in the south-eastern foothills of the Alps. This palatable, full-bodied beer is a Munich Hell, but a stronger and hoppier version typical of our region.
In some circles, our Helles is also known as Schoarama, sGreane or 1780er, and thanks to the use of a special type of barley, its brilliant straw-yellow color is very light compared to many beers of its kind. The first sip is very soft and seductive with a light acacia note, leading to a full, balanced duo of hops and malt. The finish is very clean and dry and leaves a fine, delicate hop bitterness on the tongue. Schönramer Hell simply encourages you to keep drinking.
From the strong roots of the past, a modern brewery with a high level of quality awareness has emerged: not only the absolute adherence to the Bavarian Purity Law of William IV from 1516 is a daily incentive, but also the clear commitment to quality in order to maintain the unmistakable “Schönramer” taste.
Values that were created in the past and are still valid today.
The result: Beer enjoyment since 1780!
Many other beers from the Schönramer brewery are available in our restaurant, the Strandkurhaus.
The “Strandcamping Hoibe” is only available to buy in a six-pack at reception. Whether as a souvenir for friends at home or as a memento of a great vacation in Waging am See – Strandcamping beer always works!
6 x 0.5l in a practical paper carrier for 9.90